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At Savory Kitchen, friends old and new gather to celebrate food and wine


At Savory Kitchen, friends old and new gather to celebrate food and wine. Food preparation, cooking skills, and wine pairings are all taught in an intimate and friendly environment. Challenge colleagues to a competition; celebrate a friend's birthday by preparing a four-course meal; hone your brunch-making skills with like-minded strangers; learn the art and science of pairing local wines with skillfully prepared cuisine. Our chefs and instructors believe in enjoying good food and wine and want to share their excitement. Join us!

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We offer two types of hands on cooking classes:

  • Skills classes are focused on learning a specific skill or method of cooking. These classes are 2 hours long and are setup with individual stations and work surfaces. Many of the skills learned in these classes are based on individual styles, the instructors will circulate and help you master your technique.

  • Menu focused “Dinner classes” are based on a specific seasonal or local dishes. The class will teach you how to master three or four dishes to put together an entire meal. The stations will be going on simultaneously with chefs moving you between stations to learn different techniques. After the meal is prepped learn, reinforce your skills through wine pairings and enjoy your expertly crafted dishes with the small production wineries we’ve paired them with. Learn how to appreciate the finer accents of a dish through the wine it’s paired with and enjoy a mini class on wine pairings. 


Private Events

We offer three types of private events:

  • Traditional structure is hands on cooking of all three of four courses, with the help of a chef. Groups of 10 or less can do all courses together, groups 10-20 can split into teams and each take a course. We do not recommend this structure for groups larger than 25 guests. At the conclusion of the cooking time everyone hangs up their aprons and sits down for a lovely plated meal of the dishes they made.

  • Savory Kitchen Challenge is one course as a competition, groups split into teams and work together to create their own take on a dish. The other courses to makeup their meal are prepared by our Savory Kitchen chefs and served plated. The cooking competition concludes with a seated meal.

  • Chopped Challenge is one course as a competition as well but instead of making a specific dish, teams are directed to create a dish (appetizer or dessert) out of mystery ingredients found in their boxes. Teams have 45 min and many twists and turns through the challenge.  Savory Kitchen chefs prepare the other 2-3 courses to create a full seated meal at the conclusion of the competition.

  • Scavenger Hunt (add on- can be added to any of the above types of events) is a 30 min outdoor team oriented scavenger hunt through the neighborhood with a race to gather some special ingredients for your team. This unique add on creates another layer of fun competition and team building opportunity.

    • $250 for teams under 20 pppl

    • $350 for teams above 20 people

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What a great time!  I would definitely recommend this to any fun loving group that likes great food, great wine, and a bit of competition.  In spite of our large group, it felt like having a fantastic, intimate dinner party in which we were not responsible for the cooking or cleaning.  We will definitely be back!!

/  K.D. Campell, CA  /



We’d be thrilled to help cater your next meeting, event or party. From small plates to lunch items or platters for family style events, we do it all. With a focus on local ingredients, seasonal produce and hand crafted dishes we’ll take care of all the treats and touches to make it memorable.

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I cannot recommend this place more, what a super fun, educational and beyond delicious experience!  Every single person in the class raved about how delicious each course tasted. 

/  Beth h. san jose, ca  /


Meet the chefs


Colleen, owner

Colleen spent five years in the Wine Industry after moving to Northern California from the Boston area. Opening Savory Kitchen had been a dream since taking culinary classes in Italy, where she also fell in love with wine. Colleen passed the Sommelier Exam in November 2008. She decided to open Savory Kitchen in October 2010. After a year of planning and building, the doors opened in January 2012. When not at Savory Kitchen (which is rare) she loves playing with her kids Teddy, Liam and Adele. Traveling, and of course cooking with her husband, Rob. Colleen recently opened Whirlygig, just down the street. Where kids (big and little) play and burn energy...check it out!


Andy, director of kitchen & staff

Cooking is a way of expressing gratitude for life." Andy believes there's more than simply satisfying hunger, it's filling the heart and soul. When we come together around a table to 'break bread', we come with the purpose to eat, of course, but more importantly, we come to be nurtured." Andy was exposed to the culinary world from a very young age. Her Aunt opened a restaurant in Modesto, California. She witnessed first hand what was involved in the business, her Aunt showed her it was about giving. She began a small catering business in 2008, specializing in, exotic emulsifications, exquisite fusions and sublime pairings. Being the Chef at Savory Kitchen feels it is truly a phenomenal, and enlightening experience. For her, not only is she giving joy with extraordinary created menus here at Savory Kitchen, but she feels joyfully fulfilled as a Chef. Away from Savory Kitchen, Andy enjoys DIY'ing her circa 1923 year old home (sometimes enjoys)!


Barb, chef instructor

Barbara has always had a passion for he Culinary arts. Over the many years she was always looking for cooking classes. She found her way into a local kitchen store and began assisting in teaching cooking classes over the last 8 Years, learning from many talented chefs. She has worked in the restaurant industry for over 28 yrs. She has traveled to different states and countries searching to learn different cuisines from New Orleans, Thailand and Italy. She loves to inspire students to cook at home and gather around the table and bring family time together. On her off time she enjoys travel, of course cooking and spending time with her son, family and great friends. And a good glass of wine never hurts.


Linda, asst chef instructor

Linda’s passion for cooking is surpassed by her passion to share the cooking experience with others. Guiding people through the process and watching them gain confidence, pride, and excitement in their newly found skills is her drive. Among her diverse background is owning a chocolate shop and a flavored nut business. She also volunteers in creating, organizing, and teaching cooking clubs for youth organizations. When she’s not in the kitchen, you can find her mountain biking, rock climbing, or traveling.