Kitchen Basics Series | Jan 6, Jan 13, Jan 20


Join us for a special three part class series learning and mastering kitchen basics. 

Class 1 will focus on Knife skills, working with mainly vegetables we'll learn how to hold a knife properly and dice, chop, julienne, brunoise or fine dice, batonnet, large dice, chiffonade and more! 

Class 2 will focus on Stocks and Sauces, especially: allemande sauce, bernaise sauce, bechamel sauce, chicken stock, chicken veloute, espagnole sauce, hollandaise sauce and vegetable stocks. 

Class 3 will focus on Butchering and Braising! Master breaking down an entire chicken and whole fish butchery. We'll learn braising techniques, when and why to use them and tressing meat. 

Beverages are not included, but can be purchase for an additional fee during class.

 Cancellation Policy: Please notify us 48 hours before your class is scheduled to begin. If you will not be able to attend, we can switch you to another class. Notification less than 48 hours before cannot be accommodated. We will not be able to sub out these classes if you miss one. 

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