About Us

At Savory Kitchen, friends old and new gather to celebrate food and wine. Food preparation, cooking skills, and wine pairings are all taught in an intimate and friendly environment. Challenge colleagues to a competition; celebrate a friend's birthday by preparing a four-course meal; hone your brunch-making skills with like-minded strangers; learn the art and science of pairing local wines with skillfully prepared cuisine. Our chefs and instructors believe in enjoying good food and wine and want to share their excitement. Join us!


We offer two types of hands on cooking classes:

Skills classes are focused on learning a specific skill or method of cooking. These classes are 2 hours long and are setup with individual stations and work surfaces. Many of the skills learned in these classes are based on individual styles, the instructors will circulate and help you master your technique.

Menu focused classes are based on a specific seasonal or local dishes. The class will teach you how to master three or four dishes to put together an entire meal. The stations will be going on simultaneously with chefs moving you between stations to learn different techniques. After the meal is prepped learn, reinforce your skills through wine pairings and enjoy your expertly crafted dishes with the small production wineries we’ve paired them with. Learn how to appreciate the finer accents of a dish through the wine it’s paired with and enjoy a mini class on wine pairings. 

Colleen, Owner and Manager 

Colleen spent five years in the Wine Industry after moving to Northern California from the Boston area. Opening Savory Kitchen has been a dream since taking culinary classes in Italy, where she also fell in love with wine. Colleen passed the Sommelier Exam in November 2008. She decided to open Savory Kitchen in October 2010. After a year of planning and building, the doors opened in January 2012.  When not at Savory Kitchen (which is rare) she loves playing with her boys Teddy and William, traveling, and of course cooking. 

Amanda, asst manager & instructor

Amanda’s life-long passion for food was fostered at a young age in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother. Always dreaming of working with food, at age 15 she got a job at a local restaurant. Starting out as a dishwasher, Amanda quickly became a prep chef and later front-of-the-house manager. As much as she enjoyed working in a restaurant, she ultimately decided to go into a corporate career after completing her bachelor’s degree.  After attending a class at Savory Kitchen, she felt as if she finally found a place where she could combine her love of cooking with the skills she learned in her corporate career. Amanda grew up in the Boston area and moved to San Jose with her husband in 2011. On the weekends, you’ll find Amanda at local farmers markets or checking out new restaurants with her husband and children.

Nina, instructor

After spending the last several years living in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and London, Nina has returned to the Bay Area where she was born and raised. Coming from a large, diverse family with Vietnamese roots, food has always been a very significant part of life. Growing up in California has helped build her love and appreciation for fresh ingredients and a wide range of cuisine. With a love for travel, she’s explored food around the world from Venezuela to Morocco, from Thailand to Paris. Following a corporate finance education and background, she pursued this passion for food at Le Cordon Bleu London. She is now settled back in the Bay Area with her British husband. They can often be found enjoying the weather on the Los Gatos Trail or hiking Rancho San Antonio.

Chay, instructor

Raised in Northern California and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Chay has worked and traveled throughout Europe and the United States. He started his career with a French and Asian cuisine focus, but is starting to explore American cuisine, focusing on the different regional styles that make up our country. For more than 10 years, he has been teaching cooking classes, working with, and learning from many talented chefs along the way. In his free time, Chay enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. You can also find him on one of the many bike trails the Bay Area has to offer.

Edie, instructor

Being Dutch, Edie grew up with daily homemade fresh meals. When she went to college she started cooking herself and discovered a whole new world besides the Dutch culinary traditions. Holidays all over Europe, and beyond, inspired her to mix traditional and contemporary cooking styles into a great fusion feast. To sharpen her skills she attended culinary college in The Netherlands. Ever since, she shows her love for and deep knowledge of food and cooking, by either offering exploratory cooking courses, by writing online and offline articles and blogs on food, or by sharing new recipes with the world. Being a newbie in the Bay Area she's always on the lookout for the best food to cook with. When Edie's not talking about food at Savory Kitchen, she is busy writing her food blog Edie eats, cuddling her two cats or relaxing with a (cook) book, a cup of tea and some nice home made snacks. Check out her website www.edithdourleijn.com


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